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The Crimea Peninsula is situated in the Black Sea the South of the Ukraine and is connected with the mainland by an isthmus of 8 km. The capital is Simferopol. The total population of Crimea is approximately 2,5 million, of which 6% are Crimean Tatars, 68% are Russian, 23% Ukrainian and 3% Belorussian, Armenian, Greek, German and Karaim. 90% of this population settled in Crimes after the entire Crimean Tatar population had been deported by Stalin in 1944.
There are three state languages - Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar (which belongs to the Turkish group of languages). Russian is the official language used by the Government. The main economic resources are coal, iron, manganese, oil, gypsum and alabaster and the economy is based mainly on farming, fishing, metallurgical industries and coastal tourism.


9th -13th century Turkish tribes and Mongol Tatars entered the region
14th -17th century The Crimean formed its own Khanate as a part of Ottoman Empire
1783 Russian Cossacks occupied the Crimea
1917 - 1918 The Crimea briefly declared its independence. In the years that followed approximately 1.25 million people fled to Turkey, Romania and Caucasus
1928 The Crimea received the status of Autonomous Soviet Republic
1941 German troops invaded the Crimea
1944 Soviet troops reconqued the peninsula and deported the entire Crimean Tatars population
1988 Crimean Tatars were officially allowed to return to their homeland
1996 A new Constitution of the Ukraine was adapted containing all the safeguards for a democratic, non-ethnic state and granting everyone the right to have a free choice to residence

Daughter Colony                      Mother Colony        Date Formed  Religion  German Origins
Abakly-Tama                          Berdjansk, Taurien   1884         S
Abuslar                              Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Ak-Scheich-Deutsch                   Berdjansk, Taurien   1897         S
Ak-Tasch                             Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Annenfeld                            Berdjansk, Taurien   1880         S
Atkschora                            Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Awell                                Belowesch, Taurien   1887         E
Baj-Kogenly                          Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Beschewli-Ely                        Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Borangar (Tashly-Konrat)             Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Burtschi                             Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Byten                                Belowesch, Chernigov 1861         E
Dshambuldy-Konrat                    Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Dshuma-Ablam                         Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Felsenbrunn                          Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Friedental (Kantakuzowa)                                  1819         E         Vaihingen, Backnang, Cannstattt, Waiblingen, Goeppingen, Reiseweg, Wurtemburg, Germany
Friedental-Neu                       Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Friedrichsfeld (Tschokrak)           Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Furstenfeld (Mamut)                  Berdjansk, Taurien   1884         S
Grunfeld (Adshi-Achmat)              Berdjansk, Taurien                S     
Hebron                               Berdjansk, Taurien   1880         S
Heilbrunn (Temesch-Ely)                                   1805         E         All from the state of Wurtemberg, Germany
Neu-Hoffnung                         Berdjansk, Taurien   1852         S, E
Hoffnungsfeld (Tarchanlar)           Berdjansk, Taurien   1883/84/79?  S
Hohenberg (Totmann)                  Belowesch, Taurien   1879         E
Johannesruh (Tokultschak)            Molotschna, Taurien  1878         M
Kambar                               Belowesch, Taurien   1880         E
Karassan                             Halbstaedt, Taurien  1862         M
Karatscha-Kangil                     Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Kart-Myschik (Kartmitschik)          Belowesch, Taurien   1879         E
Kijabak                              Belowesch, Taurien   1879         E
Kildiar                              Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Kir-Bajlar                           Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Kogendschelga-Chutor                 Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Kontschi-Schawa                      Belowesch, Taurien   1860         E
Kopanj (Berberowka)                  Berdjansk, Taurien   1888/80      S
Kronental (Bulgansk)                                      1810         C, E      5 from Wurtemberg, 56 from Baden Also Elsass, and Switzerland
Kutschuk-Ak-Tatschi                  Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Lesy-Alt (Staryje-Lesy)              Belowesch, Taurien   1889         E
Lesy-Neu (Nowyje-Lesy)               Belowesch, Taurien   1891         E
Mergen-Meier (Juchary-Dshamin)       Belowesch, Taurien   1882         E
Molly-Ely (Adshaul)                  Belowesch, Taurien   1882         E
Munij (Moni)                         Berdjansk, Taurien                S
Neusatz                                                   1804/05      E         From Wurtemberg: Tuebingen, Reutlingen, Backnang
Otschka-Bajilar (Atschka-Bailar)     Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Rosental (Schaban-Oba)                                    1804         C         From Baden
Samau (Samaw)                        Belowesch, Taurien   1870         E
Schibanj                             Belowesch, Taurien   1888         E
Schoenbrunn (Adargin-Deutsch)        Berdjansk, Taurien   1858         S
Schoenfeld (Koltamak)                Berdjansk, Taurien   1878         S
Schonuk (Schununk)                   Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Spat                                 Molotschna, Taurien  1881         M
Sudak                                                     1804/05      E, C      All from Wurtemberg
Tali-Iljak                           Belowesch, Taurien   1872         E
Tauk                                 Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Temesch                              Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Teshi (Teschi)                       Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Towmaj                               Belowesch, Taurien   1861         E
Wasserreich (Kerleut/Nowi-Kiptschak) Berdjansk, Taurien   1883         S
Westheim (Kullar-Kiptschak)          Berdjansk, Taurien   1880         S
Zurichtal (Dshajlaw)                                      1804/05      E         1804-49 Families from Switzerland
                                                                                 1810-25 Families from Molotschna (most Catholic)

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