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The main wine regions of the world include France, Germany, The Balkans, Spain, Portugal, USA West Coast, Chile, Australia, Eastern Asia, Canada, South Africa, Italy, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

ROLL Wine Vineyards (German: Weingut)

Christianity and the needs of religious services ensured the cultivation of the vines throughout the Middle Ages. A number of ROLL families have had a long viticulture history in Dittelsheim, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. A ROLLE brand is produced in Switzerland. "ROLL RANCH", north of Ojai, California, USA, produces grapes for a number of wineries.

With over a 200 year tradition, Dittelsheim is an old viticulture municipality at the foot of the Kloppbergs with a view over Rhinehesse. Historical documents first mention Dittelsheim in the year 777. As indicated in the map below, Dittelsheim is located just south of Mainz about 50km. A Dittelsheim Winery List can be viewed at the www.dittelsheim-hesslock.de web site.
Hotel Scharmerhof offers accomidations in Dittelsheim.

History of the Dittelsheim ROLL family:
Translated from genealogist Amandus Henry ROLL's records.
A number of ROLL families living in Dittelsheim, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany have their origins in Monzernheim, a small village 2 miles south. The name "ROLL" first appears in the Dittelsheim civil registry office in 1804. A marriage certificate of the 17th "Florial" of the 12th year of the Republic (May 17th, 1804) shows the marriage between Christian ROLL, born 1777 in Monzernheim, and Charlotte SCHERER, born 1784 in Dittelsheim. Christian was in the "cooper" (German - "Kuefer") profession where he made and repaired wooden barrels, containers, and jars. His in-laws were master coopers.
Three sons sprang from this marriage. All of them worked as coopers and wine traders. They were the root founders of three cooper and wine trading families. Many members of these families worked in the profession over the years.
The Dittelsheim winery trade continues today with the great great grandchildren of Christian ROLL; stemming from two family branches, the descendants of Christian's two sons, Jakob Amandus and Heinrich ROLL. Christian's father, Johann Caspar, born April 21, 1734, was a cooper practitioner in Mozernheim. It is lost to history if Christian's grandfather, Melchior, was a cooper, as no documents mention his occupation, but his death certificate indicated he performed court judge duties.

Dittelsheim on-line map - Multimap.com mapping web site.

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